Microsoft Office 365 for Small to Medium businesses

Now is the time to move your company to the cloud and SimpleFi Technologies can get you there. In this blog we will be talking about Office 356 and all of the benefits with the move. This works on Windows and MacOS as well as mobile platforms like iOS and Android. There’s benefits when going to a cloud service. 3rd party apps, consolidations of different products, up to date software all the time and saving you money in the bigger picture.  


On Office 365 its easy to migrate from on-site Exchange server to the 365 cloud. Same with other email platforms/services like IMAP. With POP mailboxes it will be a manual migration process to the cloud. 

You gain almost all the benefits of an onsite exchange but with the reliability of the cloud. You will never have to upgrade your software again. Everything will be kept up to date with new features rolling out over time. There’s also email retention, spam filtering, malware filtering and access from anywhere with

Groups could be a major benefit for your company. Office 365 lets you collaborate by letting groups upload files and project planning. It’s in a way a replacement for public folders. You can use the integrated Teams app for conferencing, collaboration, screen sharing and more. You will need one E1 user to have a conference number for those outside of your company.  

You can use or access your email anywhere at or With a business essentials license you will have all of the office apps features but located on the cloud. Depending on how you want your company works and the budget determines your license. 


One drive for business links to the Sharepoint service as well. You can created an enterprise share folder and manage permissions just like an on-site server. Retention of documents is also available and is “ransomeware proof.” This is important and a great feature that one drive recently implemented. 

Redirecting the desktop and documents folder to the personal one drive space makes mobility a dream come true. Makes it act like a backup if the device craps out on you.

With one drive your company will share documents and your personal documents are not seen by the organization. You can share any document you want outside of the company. It acts just like a “drop box” application with sharing features inside and out.


Collaboration and communication is the key with Microsoft Teams. It’s replacing Skype for Business. While you still can use Skype for Business still its encouraged to use Teams instead. Everyone on your team can make meetings and collaborate using the teams app on a device including mobile. It integrates into Outlook seamlessly for meeting planning. It’s accessible not he web as well as a downloadable app.

Office Apps

Now here’s where it gets a bit confusing. If you are an organization that is mostly mobile or wants to save money go with all Essentials license. With an Essentials package you will get all the Office software but ONLINE ONLY. Works great on tables and phones as well as any desktop platform including Linux.

If you want the Office software you would have to go with the Premium license. It allows the software on 6 devices per users. You will always have the latest software all the time which is amazing. But it comes with a higher monthly cost. 

Collaboration is built into both cloud and desktop software. Makes it so easy for your company to work together on documents and even chat in the applications in cloud of desktop app. 


If you are a small company that uses mobile devices mostly the Essentials license might be best and affordable. You can have Word, Excel, Outlook, Sharepoint and Teams on your mobile devices and/or accessible on a desktop web browsers. 

If you must have the full desktop experiences plus the mobility that then Premium is best. In the most corporate environment 3rd party software requires the full Office application. Either direction you go with Microsoft’s Office 365 is a great and solid product.

Why remote IT consulting in South Florida is the right choice.


To make your business thrive you need the right technology infrastructure to support your business processes. By introducing new and innovating ideas that can make work life easier while bring in more revenue. A fresh perspective with mobility and cloud in mind can change your business dynamics in a profound way.

Some businesses don’t have a need or funds for a full time IT person to analyze business processes and propose projects. This is why a remote IT consultant solution is ideal! Not only would you have a fresh perspective from the outside but also the support of day to day internal requests. It’s time to elevate your business infrastructure and support to the next level.

We at SimpleFi Technology are here to serve all your consulting needs remotely with scheduled on-site visits and an advance ticketing system for daily support. We offer packages to accommodate all sizes with monthly or yearly payments structures. Serving South Florida and the tri-county (Miami Dade, Broward and West Palm Beach) areas. Come join our team and schedule your consultation today!